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TiTi 36-Color Plastic Case Oil Pastels


  • Brand: TiTi
  • Assorted Colour
  • Unit: Per Set
  • Best for Home Use
  • Best for Office Use

20 in stock

SKU: 528-Oil Pastels-


TiTi 36-Color Plastic Case Oil Pastels

What makes oil pastels incredible for novices (additionally
experienced oil pastelists)? There is no requirement for setting up different
mediums and arrangements, or brushes or quite a bit of whatever else. All you
need is a sheet of paper and you are prepared to begin. Yes, you can utilize
arrangements, brushes and different craftsmen apparatuses for working with oil

Oil Pastels are really a special medium and it can take some
practice to figure out how to function with them. I think most tenderfoots will
before long get distinctive strategies for oil pastels all alone, be that as it
may it just takes some practice at first and getting used to how the medium functions.


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