What Is Daraz SEO Scoring And How Can It Help You Boost Your Daraz Sales

SEO and Daraz SEO scoring come hand in hand when trying to drive more sales and traffic to your daraz store or any online store. Before delving into the main subject deeper, let us look into the differences between the two.

When people hear the word SEO, the first thing that comes into their mind would be keyword research. But in truth, SEO covers a wide range of topics. It is all-encompassing which makes it a bit tricky and challenging to do.

One question that we usually receive from first-time sellers is this: Do we really need to do SEO beyond keyword research? Our answer to that is yes. Here are a couple of reasons:

  • It Helps Your Customers to Find You

Unless you’re a big-name corporation, becoming a first-time Daraz seller requires a lot of grinding to be noticed. And the best thing about SEO is that it may be quite a handful to do the first time around, but it lets you stay visible to customers in the long haul without having to grind as much as you used to the first time.

  • It’s Free Advertising

Not that we’re devaluing the importance of PPC ads and stuff like that but the latter is only as effective if they are paired with organic advertising (which is what SEO is).

What’s more, is that paid advertising is only useful during your campaign period. After that, it becomes completely useless.

Meanwhile, SEO may be hard work but its effects are for the long-term. We guess you can say that SEO is your way of building a foundation for your brand. Without this foundation, even a multi million company and brands can go crumbling down.

  • Your Sales Depend On It

Online sales are more trickier than traditional sales. You don’t get to chase customers to sell a product. The least you’ll be able to do would be to share your links all over social media platforms but that won’t vie good PR for your brand. You’ll be recognized as a spammer.

The only way to sell online would be

  • You have Quality products that are unique and demanding
  • You have good product listings
  • Good SEO

Because let’s face it, unless people know that you exist, they won’t be able to find you or buy from you no matter how much we want them to.

The importance of conducting SEO brings us to Daraz SEO scoring.

What Is Daraz SEO Scoring?

Search rank tracking and Daraz SEO scoring go hand in hand. Before you can go ahead and track your search rank, you need to be aware of your current Daraz SEO score (and of course, just like how you track your search rank of your products, you also need to monitor your Daraz SEO score).

Let’s cut the chase. What is an Daraz SEO score? In basic terms, it is the measurement of the visual and technical aspects of your Daraz store is contributing to your search engine optimization. It is a measurement of your Daraz store’s performance in terms of search-ability and conversions.

What Factors Impact Search Rank In Daraz?

Apart from the technical aspects of SEO, your product listings also play a role in your search rank, not to mention your Daraz store’s overall performance. Here is a list of Daraz store attributes that you should be mindful of:

  • Title of the Product

At this point, you’ll have to go back to your keyword research because your product title needs to contain your keywords.  That’s the first thing your customers will notice. With that, choose keywords that are the best description for your product.

The title of the Product is a communication contest. Whichever product description wins will be the one the customer clicks on.

  • Product Images

Similar to visual appeal, product images also have an impact on your sales. Therefore, it has a close relationship with your search rank.

  • Bullet Points

Keywords also need to be placed in your bullet points but they still need to be accurate. Otherwise, this will have an impact on your product review

  • Hashtags

Hashtags are essential in your product description. Using them helps you become more searchable even when the buyer is searching via Google.

  • Product Description

Apart from the bullet points, keywords also need to be scattered throughout the entire product description. Just be careful not to overload it with keywords because that will have a negative impact on your Daraz SEO score.

  • Sales

The search engine of Daraz looks at both SEO and the performance of the store. The more sales you have for a particular product, the more Daraz will be willing to display your product listing at a higher position in SERPs.

  • Reviews

The same rule applies to sales and reviews. You’ll notice in Daraz that product listings with more positive reviews are prioritized in search rank.

  • Attribute Fills

Even though some product listing attributes are optional, we highly recommend that you fill out all of them.

Buyers love products that have complete information. This will have a positive impact on sales (or reviews even) and will inevitably lead to a higher search rank.

  • Store Decoration

This is a tool provided to sellers so they can decorate their store and make it look professional.

There’s always a negative ring to online shopping because of all the shams going on online. It will take a miracle for that to change.

What you can do on your end would be to convince buyers that your brand is authentic and genuine.

The visual appeal of your store will impact your search rank because it is closely related to sales.

Where Can You Find Your Daraz SEO Score?

It’s not the kind of information that you can source out from your Daraz account. There is a special formula to be used to arrive at your Daraz SEO score.

If you have your own eCommerce website, you’d probably have to scout through your domain authority. Site load time, sitemaps, robots.txt, meta content, headers, tags as well as onsite content. Furthermore, getting to your Daraz SEO score may also require you to test some of your keywords. 

But as a Daraz seller, your SEO Score is out of reach since these are mainly selling platforms. 

But when you subscribe to SooperSeller, you’ll get exclusive access to your SEO Score for each of your products from Daraz in addition to a whole bunch of other features that will help improve your overall SEO. 

If you want to try out Daraz SEO scoring, SooperSeller will lunch this feature in Next Month Stay tuned with us to boost your sale.